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Final official statement for harassment complaint

posted Oct 24, 2013, 11:53 AM by John Lordan   [ updated Oct 24, 2013, 11:54 AM ]

This gross, burning mass in my stomach keeps telling me that this could have been AVOIDED somehow.  There's no way this "sexual incubator" (in my 37 year old opinion) of a classroom had been skipped by and gone unnoticed for years.  That this teaching "style" of playing funnyman at the expense of others, and ostracizing differing opinions MUST have been noted by someone before. That maybe I did not have to be subjected to all this emotional distress...
if only SOMEONE had maybe read a little bit about their direct employee online.  At some point over the past SEVEN YEARS.
WHEN IS SOMEONE BESIDES ME.. going to start acting on the behalf of the safety of the students, and the integrity of their education?  By the way, my rant on the stairs.. sounds A LOT like these comments.  Can't wait to release that video.
FYI that video is also part of this investigation if necessary.  Please contact john@johnlordan.com to arrange for a viewing.  I can bring a projector and sound system.
IN MY OPINION, and the opinion of numerous others in that document, this class is a FARCE.  This professor is a JOKE.  I highly suspect that he writes some of these comments HIMSELF, even ones I MAY have included for YOUR review and own determination in that document. 
Hey, I'm no judge.
Here is the video with my closing comments and thanks, as well as news about my intention to hold a rally to raise awareness to campus sex crimes.  We have just confirmed our first rape SURVIVOR today.  Please see www.TitleIXfor.Us for more info.
I sincerely hope the school and district will collaborate with me in providing a safe, informative rally to our students and nation via YouTube.  The tool that has protected TWO harassed students in the past few months.
I have stated at EVERY turn that the class should be audited by a peer or more specifically NURSE DENA. 
I am once again suggesting that, obviously not to MY benefit, since I am not there.
If you personnel reviewing this pertaining to my harassment claims:
Here is a copy of my initial complaint form DATED October 9th, 2013 (well before all the retaliation letters and process started).
PLEASE use the selector below to review ALL posts about this case.
Thank you for your time and interest,
John Lordan - Proud Student at Moorpark College

Winds of CHANGE

posted Oct 23, 2013, 6:14 AM by John Lordan

Yesterday was a strange one.  Spoke to my first real crime reporter, and saw a dramatic shift on the part of my college staff... someone actually seemed to care about MY well being.  This is only the second person to do so (the first being the school nurse).  Then I came home from school, and had another retaliation attempt from the two people in my harassment claim. 
This letter was dated and sent on the same day I notified the second person of my intent to add them to my harassment claim.  I will now SPLIT this off into a second, separate RETALIATION claim.  This is the third retaliation attempt I've received since announcing my intent to file a complaint.
Now, you know I really want to post this letter (VC Star, you can have a copy if you want), and it's recommendation to suspend ME from this class.. but I believe in my new friend so I'm going to start showing a few courtesies here.  I can always release all this material later with my "Steps Speech" (which I intend on releasing AS SOON as grades are posted, to protect my classmates).
This ONE CARING EMAIL, has also prompted me to hold off on TWO pretty biting vlog releases, and another campus march I was going to do this morning.
COMMUNICATION WORKS.. especially when it starts going TWO WAYS.
I've also added the forms and processes related to Moorpark College to www.PervertedProfessors.com to show as examples of proper process, and to give other students a MUCH easier place to find them.  I've also forwarded copies to our school nurse for safe keeping and easy deployment.
Let's all have a good day today with no retaliation or harassment so I can get these forms filled out.. ok? 
Thanks everyone,

Houston.. Houston???

posted Oct 21, 2013, 6:20 AM by John Lordan   [ updated Oct 21, 2013, 7:32 AM ]

Anyone that thinks I'm delusional in thinking that my VALID sexual harassment claim has been intentionally mishandled should review the following two pieces of media.
(this video is a repeat, but you probably want to rewatch it to get the full story)
So, based on the advice given to me by Anita Morris, whom I was referred to by Dean Patricia Ewins, the on-site intake "expert" to handle these types of complaints is (click this DATED PDF link to find out!).
Thank you Vice Chancellor (didn't I say she was a kind spirit!) for being so open and honest with the information that helped me locate this.  I know you are new to the position, and it appears that you will serve it well. 
You have a student fan!  With a newly, even MORE invigorated interest in holding an educational rally at Moorpark College.  It is apparently DESPERATELY needed.
President Luskin, I am trying to help OUR school, and YOUR students.  It's the message I will take to Jay Wysard, Director of Human Resources Operations when I present this case to him TODAY hopefully.  Jay, we need to fix the district website together.  This form I'm supposed to be able to easily find and file:
President and CEO Luskin, I now have written proof of lies from TWO of your employees (and an apparently collusion or conspiracy to cover the first), as both presented and EASILY confirmed by materials hosted on this very website.
How much more are you going to dirty your beautiful school's name, and your own by backing or endorsing further methods of student harassment?
UPDATE: 7:26
Looks like my next go to person at the district.. IS ALSO GONE?  Are there ANY resources in Ventura County for helping me?  WTF???
Hey, has anyone noticed if www.johnlordan.com is still working or not? 
Seems like I still have my first amendment rights today, thanks MyDomain.com!  You My Do Man!   :-)
Well, looks like I may have to start speaking to the press after all.  Man, I was trying my hardest to avoid this.

Sunday POETIC Sunday...

posted Oct 20, 2013, 6:24 AM by John Lordan   [ updated Oct 20, 2013, 7:46 AM ]

Not sure how I'll get legally threatened for this, but I'm sure SOME way can be found.
See, when I'm going through tough times, outside of vlogging I sometimes write poetry.
This is a poem followed by thoughts, from my imagination yet squarely and firmly related
to feelings about what I am going through with this specific class and the now growing
attempt to cover it up, OR act as if my claim you have yet to hear is invalid.
It is called
Who needs Free Speech
- Moorpark College Edition
the Inspiration Generation...
and your proclamation
of our academic declassification
is making our nation
look like we are patients
psychological domination
consumerism in education
sexual gratification
time to change our emotional stations
Professors sexy lessons
covering up domestic oppressions 
suicidal academic depressions
leading to new personal successions
Administration masturbation
not for free, words not for CREATION
This is A PAID EDUCATION nation?
Time for the WARD to be run by the patients.
*    *    *
See what happens when you get inspired by your true friends?  Thank you Chimpz.
Students, YOU have to STAND and THINK to be free.  To DEMAND that you are getting the education you are paying for.
I was not.
I'll show you the path to my personal truth.  I have my own history, and the PRIVELEGE of being able to complete my education at this point in my life to testify for who I am.
I wonder if the jokes have toned down at all since I spoke up?  Classies, are you noticing any change in the "gaze" of how this class is being taught?  Does it seem like you are taking more notes and finally back on some sort of well prepared curriculum at all?  Maybe seeing just a touch more respect towards students of diversity in class?  So many lessons that I AM MISSING out on because my school cannot properly ensure my security, by receiving a complaint and form, and addressing the issue with my Professor in a professional (and yes perhaps even confidential) manner.  Instead, they want to play bully the opinionated artist into silence.
Students, you will have to decide if you are going to fire up your minds, and walk the walk with me.
Don't ever worry about "talking the talk."  You only need that if you side with evil or bullshit.  Those are not sustainable OR renewable energy sources.
Man do I love my new education!  Thank you Professors (except for you Rolland)!
What good are debate skills if your soul is rotten?  I think I just figured out why the government shut down!
By the way, that, and everything else on this site, is all my opinion.  I've downgraded the John Lordan soul ranking for Rolland to "rotten" since he is now dragging down Administrative staff into his delusion.  CEO, Deans, and everyone in between, I'm not holding that fact that you are being misinformed against you, but I AM asking that you review ALL the materials on my website for yourself and make your OWN determination. 
Please start with this video, and CLICK THE LINK AT THE END OF IT.  I am available to speak via email about ANYTHING, as I publicly have been for years prior to this nonsense at john@johnlordan.com.  I'm awaiting the common sense train, and it sounds like it's getting closer by the moment!
Thank you, 

When will the harassment of a free speaking student end?

posted Oct 18, 2013, 6:13 PM by John Lordan   [ updated Oct 18, 2013, 6:46 PM ]

Not today apparently.  The President and CEO has apparently made up his mind about who is guilty without speaking to me (or seeing the claim that I have not been able to successfully file).  Here's a letter signed by him and his attorney, sent to my domain registrar (the AMAZING mydomain.com.. GREAT PRICES AND SERVICE.. used them for YEARS).  :-)
So internet friends, when a student is complaining about being harassed, tries to defend themselves, can't find adequate help, gets sent on detours, cries out for help online, and then receives this (which is also an attempt to shut down my online resume).. should I start feeling intimidated or harassed even further?  I'm just asking.
Totally unrelated story from my inner artist:  Bullies are always bullies, especially lazy ones.  They try to get their bully friends to cover for them, but they all get exposed in the end.  And a turtle wins the race.  END OF STORY TIME!
I'm SO happy I'll be raising awareness at these feeble attempts to protect perversion.  PLEASE don't make me call in my lawyer friends.  DO any of you actually do research on your students before attacking them openly like this?  Especially when their trying to employ first amendment methods they learned about on your own campus?  By your wonderful (except you Rolland) professors?  Wow...
Back to the real:
SO, I'm adding a disclaimer to my website.  Here's a copy below.
FYI, everything on this website represents REALITY as experienced by John Lordan, and does not profess to be the almighty single source of truth in this universe, DESPITE what my College attorneys may be paid to think and type out. 
Wouldn't it be awesome if someone actually tried to reach out to help the person saying he's been harassed and cannot enact his legal rights?  Instead, another threat from my Professor, now endorsed by the college CEO. 
FYI, I never said it was my intent to remove my professor, so the letter sent to mydomain.com is in fact SLANDEROUS in itself.  I think it's also ridiculous that despite my insistence at "not going legal" in EVERY single conversation I've had about this, my own school is now threatening to silence me with legal blah blah.
WOW.  Let's all chew on this.
Thanks for giving me a good reason to remove that mug from my beautiful site!  Took you guys long enough.
I've also got my first two comments on the videos, but that evil BOB SMITH immediately REMOVED THEM.  :-(
He's haunted me with that generic name for YEARS.  :-)
Luckily, YouTube sent the comments to me first!
I'm starting to think that we have an English comprehension issue to address as well.
So, now that I'm being slandered, will the CEO help me?

Birds of a feather...

posted Oct 18, 2013, 6:48 AM by John Lordan

I wonder how a RAPE victim would be treated?

posted Oct 18, 2013, 6:38 AM by John Lordan

I just have ONE certain DISTRICT level report to STILL get filed first.
FYI, the Dean's advice delayed my proper investigation by a week.  I was stalled to be redirected to A FORM,
then when I complained about there being no Title IX Coordinator TO THE DISTRICT,
one seemed to magically appear a few hours later.
I STILL have not been able to get this case properly documented WELL over a week after it occurred.
Do you think any EVIDENCE may have degraded?
District Administration, I am looking to cooperate in organizing and providing a safe rally.
I am also looking to get my harassment claim properly filed promptly.
YOU seem to be evading this.
It is now my FIRM understanding that our campus IS evading protocols
in the proper handling of my complaint, probably to protect the jobs of underperformers.
UPDATE 10/17/2013 11:00 AM : District calls John.  VERY helpful and kind WOMAN.
This universe is helping me, a universe of strong, independent thinkers.  A LOT of them female.
Thank you District.  Thank you VERY much.
UPDATE 10/17/2013 1:00 PM : District calls back.  Apparently an EVP is the Title IX Coordinator.
I had already intended on meeting with this EVP next, per my 11am call.
Good.  We have someone with the responsibility.
Now why wasn't I led to them, and why did NO other senior staff (or professor)
that I asked specifically about this role know about this...
More to come.  Thank you students AND helpful staff. 
Moorpark is already better for all his nonsense.
FYI, this post can serve as my notice that I AM NOT dropping this class.
Moorpark needs to guarantee a safe classroom for my return, or fail me.
When they can ensure my and the other students safety, I come back.
If they can't, my rally will be my proposal to the district
for a proper grade and credit in "Rhetorical Pop Culture."
Thank you for ALL your amazing support everyone.
This is MODERN education.
John Lordan

John is a QUITTER

posted Oct 18, 2013, 6:36 AM by John Lordan

Update 10/15/2013
The vlog that I couldn't release, because I was becoming too
 affected by this horrible class and "teaching method" is NOW released and you can see it in this video.
Classmates, my COMPLETE POV on "MackleVOY"
Classmates still in M26 8:30AM Monday and Wednesday,
if you want my two cents on how to deal with him quick
 and easy (seems like that's the new American Dream)
 just jump to the last two minutes in this video.
Those of you that watched the entire vid, and think there is
more for ALL of us to learn and see.  Check this out...
FULL VIDEO SERIES DOWN BELOW - now 6 vids, approx. 30 minutes total
Scroll down for the entire playlist students.
Take care classmates, PLEASE take care of yourselves,
No one else will do it like you, or for you.
Even if you pay them ALL the money in the world.

RateMyProfessors is DATA JUNK

posted Oct 18, 2013, 6:33 AM by John Lordan   [ updated Oct 18, 2013, 6:35 AM ]

UPDATE: RateMyProfessors.com 
(apparently these comments are VERY important to someone)
RmP removes slanderous comment about ME from HIS profile.
Comment tried to ONCE AGAIN dismiss a valid opinion.
I wonder WHO could have written that. 
A student so terrified by me that they had to comment about how great you are MID TERM. 
Believability Factor=0%
We haven't received ONE GRADE from you this entire semester.  When do YOU start working?
Sure, he doesn't care about internet comments AT ALL.
If only he would work as hard to SHARE KNOWLEDGE in CLASS.
Seems that you are not a very good creative writer either.
THANK YOU LISA for pointing this comment out to me, and helping me realize WHERE it came from.
Don't worry, Lisa is NOT a Moorpark student.  :-)
That's how obvious it was to someone that HASN'T been damaged by his "teaching method."
I wonder HOW MANY of the OTHER good reviews for him are also Commentsterbation.
He's a one man Saatchi & Saatchi, trying to keep his job in PERVERSION.
UPDATE 10/14:  Looks like HE IS SO AMAZING, another student has left new review!
Before the semester is over.
For a different class (but they think it's still relevant to my review).
Isn't funny how TWO reviews have now referred to my review..
BOTH filed before any grades have been issued?
We will just leave that new one up there.  It's a FINE example of creative writing.
*      *      *
UPDATE 10/15Ratemyprofessors.com being COMBED / GROOMED.
I've had my VALID comments removed twice now.
I wonder who LOVES this man SO much, that they are actively monitoring his RmP page
and skewing his ratings (now a 4!  :-o ).  Hmm, those good comments about him sure
seem to have a VERY FAMILIAR tone across many of them.
Back to reality, I called the district, left a message to formally file a sexual harassment claim.  Notified them that all
materials on this page are to be submitted as part of that case.
STILL WAITING FOR A CALL BACK.  I'll continue escalating.
Heads up RateMyProfessors,
Since you can't figure out how to remove comments when they're quite obviously being written by ONE PERSON, and you do remove
VALID opinions that are easily verifiable by simple searches, I think more free speech is in order.
What an AMAZING service you provide.  Assisting abusers while their victims are quite obviously emotional. 
See students, I filed my last one on an official account.  I went through and left MANY comments for MANY professors,
and EVERY OTHER ONE is still there. 
Strange, no?
Since they know my identity (and I mentioned it again when I removed the slander comment mentioned below), RmP
has been notified several times of this site and this case. 
THEN, they removed my valid comment that fits squarely in their guidelines.
Look for an article about RateMyProfessors SOON at www.SaveACelebrity.com
Hang on students, apparently our lesson continues.

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