Final official statement for harassment complaint

posted Oct 24, 2013, 11:53 AM by John Lordan   [ updated Oct 24, 2013, 11:54 AM ]
This gross, burning mass in my stomach keeps telling me that this could have been AVOIDED somehow.  There's no way this "sexual incubator" (in my 37 year old opinion) of a classroom had been skipped by and gone unnoticed for years.  That this teaching "style" of playing funnyman at the expense of others, and ostracizing differing opinions MUST have been noted by someone before. That maybe I did not have to be subjected to all this emotional distress...
if only SOMEONE had maybe read a little bit about their direct employee online.  At some point over the past SEVEN YEARS.
WHEN IS SOMEONE BESIDES ME.. going to start acting on the behalf of the safety of the students, and the integrity of their education?  By the way, my rant on the stairs.. sounds A LOT like these comments.  Can't wait to release that video.
FYI that video is also part of this investigation if necessary.  Please contact to arrange for a viewing.  I can bring a projector and sound system.
IN MY OPINION, and the opinion of numerous others in that document, this class is a FARCE.  This professor is a JOKE.  I highly suspect that he writes some of these comments HIMSELF, even ones I MAY have included for YOUR review and own determination in that document. 
Hey, I'm no judge.
Here is the video with my closing comments and thanks, as well as news about my intention to hold a rally to raise awareness to campus sex crimes.  We have just confirmed our first rape SURVIVOR today.  Please see www.TitleIXfor.Us for more info.
I sincerely hope the school and district will collaborate with me in providing a safe, informative rally to our students and nation via YouTube.  The tool that has protected TWO harassed students in the past few months.
I have stated at EVERY turn that the class should be audited by a peer or more specifically NURSE DENA. 
I am once again suggesting that, obviously not to MY benefit, since I am not there.
If you personnel reviewing this pertaining to my harassment claims:
Here is a copy of my initial complaint form DATED October 9th, 2013 (well before all the retaliation letters and process started).
PLEASE use the selector below to review ALL posts about this case.
Thank you for your time and interest,
John Lordan - Proud Student at Moorpark College