Houston.. Houston???

posted Oct 21, 2013, 6:20 AM by John Lordan   [ updated Oct 21, 2013, 7:32 AM ]
Anyone that thinks I'm delusional in thinking that my VALID sexual harassment claim has been intentionally mishandled should review the following two pieces of media.
(this video is a repeat, but you probably want to rewatch it to get the full story)
So, based on the advice given to me by Anita Morris, whom I was referred to by Dean Patricia Ewins, the on-site intake "expert" to handle these types of complaints is (click this DATED PDF link to find out!).
Thank you Vice Chancellor (didn't I say she was a kind spirit!) for being so open and honest with the information that helped me locate this.  I know you are new to the position, and it appears that you will serve it well. 
You have a student fan!  With a newly, even MORE invigorated interest in holding an educational rally at Moorpark College.  It is apparently DESPERATELY needed.
President Luskin, I am trying to help OUR school, and YOUR students.  It's the message I will take to Jay Wysard, Director of Human Resources Operations when I present this case to him TODAY hopefully.  Jay, we need to fix the district website together.  This form I'm supposed to be able to easily find and file:
President and CEO Luskin, I now have written proof of lies from TWO of your employees (and an apparently collusion or conspiracy to cover the first), as both presented and EASILY confirmed by materials hosted on this very website.
How much more are you going to dirty your beautiful school's name, and your own by backing or endorsing further methods of student harassment?
UPDATE: 7:26
Looks like my next go to person at the district.. IS ALSO GONE?  Are there ANY resources in Ventura County for helping me?  WTF???
Hey, has anyone noticed if www.johnlordan.com is still working or not? 
Seems like I still have my first amendment rights today, thanks MyDomain.com!  You My Do Man!   :-)
Well, looks like I may have to start speaking to the press after all.  Man, I was trying my hardest to avoid this.