I wonder how a RAPE victim would be treated?

posted Oct 18, 2013, 6:38 AM by John Lordan
I just have ONE certain DISTRICT level report to STILL get filed first.
FYI, the Dean's advice delayed my proper investigation by a week.  I was stalled to be redirected to A FORM,
then when I complained about there being no Title IX Coordinator TO THE DISTRICT,
one seemed to magically appear a few hours later.
I STILL have not been able to get this case properly documented WELL over a week after it occurred.
Do you think any EVIDENCE may have degraded?
District Administration, I am looking to cooperate in organizing and providing a safe rally.
I am also looking to get my harassment claim properly filed promptly.
YOU seem to be evading this.
It is now my FIRM understanding that our campus IS evading protocols
in the proper handling of my complaint, probably to protect the jobs of underperformers.
UPDATE 10/17/2013 11:00 AM : District calls John.  VERY helpful and kind WOMAN.
This universe is helping me, a universe of strong, independent thinkers.  A LOT of them female.
Thank you District.  Thank you VERY much.
UPDATE 10/17/2013 1:00 PM : District calls back.  Apparently an EVP is the Title IX Coordinator.
I had already intended on meeting with this EVP next, per my 11am call.
Good.  We have someone with the responsibility.
Now why wasn't I led to them, and why did NO other senior staff (or professor)
that I asked specifically about this role know about this...
More to come.  Thank you students AND helpful staff. 
Moorpark is already better for all his nonsense.
FYI, this post can serve as my notice that I AM NOT dropping this class.
Moorpark needs to guarantee a safe classroom for my return, or fail me.
When they can ensure my and the other students safety, I come back.
If they can't, my rally will be my proposal to the district
for a proper grade and credit in "Rhetorical Pop Culture."
Thank you for ALL your amazing support everyone.
This is MODERN education.
John Lordan