John is a QUITTER

posted Oct 18, 2013, 6:36 AM by John Lordan
Update 10/15/2013
The vlog that I couldn't release, because I was becoming too
 affected by this horrible class and "teaching method" is NOW released and you can see it in this video.
Classmates, my COMPLETE POV on "MackleVOY"
Classmates still in M26 8:30AM Monday and Wednesday,
if you want my two cents on how to deal with him quick
 and easy (seems like that's the new American Dream)
 just jump to the last two minutes in this video.
Those of you that watched the entire vid, and think there is
more for ALL of us to learn and see.  Check this out...
FULL VIDEO SERIES DOWN BELOW - now 6 vids, approx. 30 minutes total
Scroll down for the entire playlist students.
Take care classmates, PLEASE take care of yourselves,
No one else will do it like you, or for you.
Even if you pay them ALL the money in the world.