RateMyProfessors is DATA JUNK

posted Oct 18, 2013, 6:33 AM by John Lordan   [ updated Oct 18, 2013, 6:35 AM ]
UPDATE: RateMyProfessors.com 
(apparently these comments are VERY important to someone)
RmP removes slanderous comment about ME from HIS profile.
Comment tried to ONCE AGAIN dismiss a valid opinion.
I wonder WHO could have written that. 
A student so terrified by me that they had to comment about how great you are MID TERM. 
Believability Factor=0%
We haven't received ONE GRADE from you this entire semester.  When do YOU start working?
Sure, he doesn't care about internet comments AT ALL.
If only he would work as hard to SHARE KNOWLEDGE in CLASS.
Seems that you are not a very good creative writer either.
THANK YOU LISA for pointing this comment out to me, and helping me realize WHERE it came from.
Don't worry, Lisa is NOT a Moorpark student.  :-)
That's how obvious it was to someone that HASN'T been damaged by his "teaching method."
I wonder HOW MANY of the OTHER good reviews for him are also Commentsterbation.
He's a one man Saatchi & Saatchi, trying to keep his job in PERVERSION.
UPDATE 10/14:  Looks like HE IS SO AMAZING, another student has left new review!
Before the semester is over.
For a different class (but they think it's still relevant to my review).
Isn't funny how TWO reviews have now referred to my review..
BOTH filed before any grades have been issued?
We will just leave that new one up there.  It's a FINE example of creative writing.
*      *      *
UPDATE 10/15Ratemyprofessors.com being COMBED / GROOMED.
I've had my VALID comments removed twice now.
I wonder who LOVES this man SO much, that they are actively monitoring his RmP page
and skewing his ratings (now a 4!  :-o ).  Hmm, those good comments about him sure
seem to have a VERY FAMILIAR tone across many of them.
Back to reality, I called the district, left a message to formally file a sexual harassment claim.  Notified them that all
materials on this page are to be submitted as part of that case.
STILL WAITING FOR A CALL BACK.  I'll continue escalating.
Heads up RateMyProfessors,
Since you can't figure out how to remove comments when they're quite obviously being written by ONE PERSON, and you do remove
VALID opinions that are easily verifiable by simple searches, I think more free speech is in order.
What an AMAZING service you provide.  Assisting abusers while their victims are quite obviously emotional. 
See students, I filed my last one on an official account.  I went through and left MANY comments for MANY professors,
and EVERY OTHER ONE is still there. 
Strange, no?
Since they know my identity (and I mentioned it again when I removed the slander comment mentioned below), RmP
has been notified several times of this site and this case. 
THEN, they removed my valid comment that fits squarely in their guidelines.
Look for an article about RateMyProfessors SOON at www.SaveACelebrity.com
Hang on students, apparently our lesson continues.