Sunday POETIC Sunday...

posted Oct 20, 2013, 6:24 AM by John Lordan   [ updated Oct 20, 2013, 7:46 AM ]
Not sure how I'll get legally threatened for this, but I'm sure SOME way can be found.
See, when I'm going through tough times, outside of vlogging I sometimes write poetry.
This is a poem followed by thoughts, from my imagination yet squarely and firmly related
to feelings about what I am going through with this specific class and the now growing
attempt to cover it up, OR act as if my claim you have yet to hear is invalid.
It is called
Who needs Free Speech
- Moorpark College Edition
the Inspiration Generation...
and your proclamation
of our academic declassification
is making our nation
look like we are patients
psychological domination
consumerism in education
sexual gratification
time to change our emotional stations
Professors sexy lessons
covering up domestic oppressions 
suicidal academic depressions
leading to new personal successions
Administration masturbation
not for free, words not for CREATION
This is A PAID EDUCATION nation?
Time for the WARD to be run by the patients.
*    *    *
See what happens when you get inspired by your true friends?  Thank you Chimpz.
Students, YOU have to STAND and THINK to be free.  To DEMAND that you are getting the education you are paying for.
I was not.
I'll show you the path to my personal truth.  I have my own history, and the PRIVELEGE of being able to complete my education at this point in my life to testify for who I am.
I wonder if the jokes have toned down at all since I spoke up?  Classies, are you noticing any change in the "gaze" of how this class is being taught?  Does it seem like you are taking more notes and finally back on some sort of well prepared curriculum at all?  Maybe seeing just a touch more respect towards students of diversity in class?  So many lessons that I AM MISSING out on because my school cannot properly ensure my security, by receiving a complaint and form, and addressing the issue with my Professor in a professional (and yes perhaps even confidential) manner.  Instead, they want to play bully the opinionated artist into silence.
Students, you will have to decide if you are going to fire up your minds, and walk the walk with me.
Don't ever worry about "talking the talk."  You only need that if you side with evil or bullshit.  Those are not sustainable OR renewable energy sources.
Man do I love my new education!  Thank you Professors (except for you Rolland)!
What good are debate skills if your soul is rotten?  I think I just figured out why the government shut down!
By the way, that, and everything else on this site, is all my opinion.  I've downgraded the John Lordan soul ranking for Rolland to "rotten" since he is now dragging down Administrative staff into his delusion.  CEO, Deans, and everyone in between, I'm not holding that fact that you are being misinformed against you, but I AM asking that you review ALL the materials on my website for yourself and make your OWN determination. 
Please start with this video, and CLICK THE LINK AT THE END OF IT.  I am available to speak via email about ANYTHING, as I publicly have been for years prior to this nonsense at  I'm awaiting the common sense train, and it sounds like it's getting closer by the moment!
Thank you,