When will the harassment of a free speaking student end?

posted Oct 18, 2013, 6:13 PM by John Lordan   [ updated Oct 18, 2013, 6:46 PM ]
Not today apparently.  The President and CEO has apparently made up his mind about who is guilty without speaking to me (or seeing the claim that I have not been able to successfully file).  Here's a letter signed by him and his attorney, sent to my domain registrar (the AMAZING mydomain.com.. GREAT PRICES AND SERVICE.. used them for YEARS).  :-)
So internet friends, when a student is complaining about being harassed, tries to defend themselves, can't find adequate help, gets sent on detours, cries out for help online, and then receives this (which is also an attempt to shut down my online resume).. should I start feeling intimidated or harassed even further?  I'm just asking.
Totally unrelated story from my inner artist:  Bullies are always bullies, especially lazy ones.  They try to get their bully friends to cover for them, but they all get exposed in the end.  And a turtle wins the race.  END OF STORY TIME!
I'm SO happy I'll be raising awareness at these feeble attempts to protect perversion.  PLEASE don't make me call in my lawyer friends.  DO any of you actually do research on your students before attacking them openly like this?  Especially when their trying to employ first amendment methods they learned about on your own campus?  By your wonderful (except you Rolland) professors?  Wow...
Back to the real:
SO, I'm adding a disclaimer to my website.  Here's a copy below.
FYI, everything on this website represents REALITY as experienced by John Lordan, and does not profess to be the almighty single source of truth in this universe, DESPITE what my College attorneys may be paid to think and type out. 
Wouldn't it be awesome if someone actually tried to reach out to help the person saying he's been harassed and cannot enact his legal rights?  Instead, another threat from my Professor, now endorsed by the college CEO. 
FYI, I never said it was my intent to remove my professor, so the letter sent to mydomain.com is in fact SLANDEROUS in itself.  I think it's also ridiculous that despite my insistence at "not going legal" in EVERY single conversation I've had about this, my own school is now threatening to silence me with legal blah blah.
WOW.  Let's all chew on this.
Thanks for giving me a good reason to remove that mug from my beautiful site!  Took you guys long enough.
I've also got my first two comments on the videos, but that evil BOB SMITH immediately REMOVED THEM.  :-(
He's haunted me with that generic name for YEARS.  :-)
Luckily, YouTube sent the comments to me first!
I'm starting to think that we have an English comprehension issue to address as well.
So, now that I'm being slandered, will the CEO help me?