Winds of CHANGE

posted Oct 23, 2013, 6:14 AM by John Lordan
Yesterday was a strange one.  Spoke to my first real crime reporter, and saw a dramatic shift on the part of my college staff... someone actually seemed to care about MY well being.  This is only the second person to do so (the first being the school nurse).  Then I came home from school, and had another retaliation attempt from the two people in my harassment claim. 
This letter was dated and sent on the same day I notified the second person of my intent to add them to my harassment claim.  I will now SPLIT this off into a second, separate RETALIATION claim.  This is the third retaliation attempt I've received since announcing my intent to file a complaint.
Now, you know I really want to post this letter (VC Star, you can have a copy if you want), and it's recommendation to suspend ME from this class.. but I believe in my new friend so I'm going to start showing a few courtesies here.  I can always release all this material later with my "Steps Speech" (which I intend on releasing AS SOON as grades are posted, to protect my classmates).
This ONE CARING EMAIL, has also prompted me to hold off on TWO pretty biting vlog releases, and another campus march I was going to do this morning.
COMMUNICATION WORKS.. especially when it starts going TWO WAYS.
I've also added the forms and processes related to Moorpark College to to show as examples of proper process, and to give other students a MUCH easier place to find them.  I've also forwarded copies to our school nurse for safe keeping and easy deployment.
Let's all have a good day today with no retaliation or harassment so I can get these forms filled out.. ok? 
Thanks everyone,