IRIS - The Opening Weekend, September 23rd-25th 2011

9/24/11 5:28 A.M.
I am simply amazed at the things I'm seeing at work this week.  Some pics from yesterday:
    I've seen quite a few big movie premieres being set up on Hollywood Blvd.  This dwarfs them all.
9/24/11 2:49 P.M.
Went back out today, here are some updated pics of Hollywood Blvd.  The sky is grey, but you can still feel the energy in the air.  It's a special weekend in, and for Hollywood!
9/25/11 5:26 P.M.
The city is JUMPING.  People are dressed to the nines everywhere you look.  Security and police are in full force.. THIS IS HOLLYWOOD in all her glory!
Some more pics!
The After Party
The Hangover, Hollywood Edition
9/26/11 10:56 A.M.
Even faster than it appeared, the magic of the opening of IRIS has already vanished in the morning Hollywood haze.
Hope you enjoy the pics!
Long live IRIS!!!
Thank you to Cirque Du Soleil for this wonderful opportunity and unforgettable evening.
Happy 8th Anniversary to my wife Vera!  Love you baby!!
    - John