LinkedIN Into LAMENESS for ROVI Corporation

LinkedIN deleted my profile and ALL comments I made about Rovi Corporation when I came out about Corporate corruption at my former employer. 

The company was led by a group of Execs that allowed a V.P. in I.T. to promote his own younger brother (a former "friend" of mine manipulated me as long as he could- he knew about the bros too), then when that younger bro failed at his duties costing the shareholders UNIMAGINABLE amounts of money, they all left together.

Smells STRANGE, but why would anyone believe me?  Especially LinkedIN?  Well, their data shows how WELL I understand ROVI:

LinkedIn Recommendations

Joe Sims has endorsed your work as Business Systems Analyst at ROVI Corporation.

 Details of the Recommendation: "I worked with John on a business intelligence dashboard designed to provide the Sales and Legal teams visibility into Rovi's contract management.

In a very short amount of time we were able to develop meaningful and actionable results. This was only possible due to John's deep understanding of the business practices, his ability to navigate the organisation in order to talk with the right people and the pace at which he learnt the Oracle OBIEE technology, which was new to him.

John is a consummate professional. His open nature and passion for understanding the business make him a very good partner and middle man between IT and the business. He brings great value to brainstorming sessions, being able to connect real-world experience with future vision and strategic value."

LinkedIn Recommendations

Greg Mitchell has endorsed your work as Business Systems Analyst at ROVI Corporation.

 Details of the Recommendation: "I worked with John on multiple efforts supporting the new Legal Request application, the new Professional Services application and their interfacing with I loved the level of enthusiasm John brought to a project. He would dive in figure out the details. Then he was great to work with in developing a plan and making it happen. John was excellent at partnering with the business, understanding all of their requirements and making them feel comfortable understanding the technology. All-in-all a great IT resource!"

My LinkedIn profile also showed that I became an INVENTOR at Rovi, with three patents currently filed.  CLICK HERE TO SEE PROOF VIA GOOGLE PATENT SEARCH.

The bad programmer was connected to his bro (VP of apps), VP connected to CIO, CIO connected to CFO/CEO all from previous companies.  I was the idiot that found out and tried to expose it to save the STOCKHOLDERS.  Don't know why I would care so much.

They tried to fire me after I raised the nepotism case to Human Resources.  I also complained about the severe abuses of my former friend, his rage fits in his office, him asking me to feed him info but stay quiet (to give him the appearance of being smarter than he actually is).  I didn't mention A LOT of other stuff I could have.

They also held my annual bonus, and wanted me to sign an agreement stating that what I told them about, never happened. 

I refused and left. 

Why doesn't Rovi protect the assets of its shareholders?  How many more employees are out there like me?  A few I can tell you.. I've heard grumblings of a class action as recently as a year ago about their human resource practices.

TRUTH seems to pay me a lot more than corporations bent on killing the progress of technology.  Like I said.. thank GOD for the internet:

You can also check out my multiple Storify articles ..
showing how LinkedIN is trying to avoid accountability for DATA DESTRUCTION to benefit crime,

Here are my other LinkedIN Recommendations. 
Not sure why LinkedIN doesn't TRUST it's OWN data:

LinkedIn Recommendations

Manish Desai has endorsed your work as Manager, Information Technology at Stan Tashman & Associates, Inc..

 Details of the Recommendation: "John is one of the best supervisors I have worked with. His management abilities are top notch and I loved having him as my superior. He was not only my supervisor but my mentor as well. Working with John was a lot of fun and a great learning experience at the same time. His people skills are amazing and he is extremely friendly and easy to get along. John is very approachable and very helpful and we had a lot of respect for him. He can take any company department and focus it for growth. I am really excited to recommend John for a management level position, even an executive level position as his skills will definitely help the company he ends up with. Any company would be very fortunate to have him as their employee. I hope that sometime in the future we can be on the same team again.


Tobi Clinton has endorsed your work as Business Systems Analyst at ROVI Corporation.

 Details of the Recommendation: "John Lordan exhibited great command of his knowledge in software development of applications related to entertainment media. I was a patent attorney who prepared several applications in which John was an inventor. John's enthusiasm, punctuality and thoroughness made working with him a joy. I hope to work with John in the future and highly recommend him without reservation."

John L. White, III has endorsed your work as Manager, Information Technology at Stan Tashman & Associates, Inc..

 Details of the Recommendation: "Mr. Lordan gave my an opportunity to showcase my talents and I appreciated his faith in me."

Amy Anderson has recommended your work as IT Consultant at Cirque du Soliel - IRIS.

 Details of the Recommendation: "Both as IT professional and documentalist, John was wonderful to work with at IRIS! Personable, extremely efficient, reliable, creative, and passionate about his work, theater and entertainment; he has been instrumental in resolving network problems, building energy about the show and contributing to a great working environment. I appreciate all of our collaboration and would highly recommend John!"